WW1 pictures project

We are launching the ww1 pictures project!
Last may 2018 we had our dear friend Lee and Bob Andersons’ daughters Emily & Johanna over in the guesthouse.
Lee and Bob where here a couple of times and it was painfull to learn that Bob passed away on november 17th 2017…..
The story of Bob and his uncle Robert E. Anderson is published here.

During their stay, Emily and Johanna gave me a pile of pictures. The pictures were found in the back of a drawer of a cabinet, by a friend of Bob, who bought it some years ago.
Together we took a look on the pictures and to my surprise they were made during world 1! Some guy travelled through France and took about 250 – 300 pictures.
The state of the pictures are poor, but with photoshop I can make it much better.
Our plan is to scan them all and think about a way toget them displayed in a ww1 museum or ww1 website.