The Ottré massacre

Since mai 2009 we’ve been working on this story.
We did a tremendous amount of work. Searching the internet, contacting NARA, fieldresearch……etc, etc, etc.
In august 2010 we’ve published the second version of this horrible, unknown story.
But, in mai 2011 we found new information, forcing us to delete the story from the web.

On january 10th 1945, two squads of Comapany F, 331th regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division, attacked a German strongpoint, just outside the hamlet Ottré.
The two squads were ambushed and pinned down on the ground. Many soldiers were killed instantly.
At about 23.00 hrs, at least one German came down the slope and started to kill the wounded US soldiers.
At least one man, Harry E. Shoemaker, survived the massacre.

We’re closing in on the truth. But, this story is not only horrible, it is also a very delicate matter.
We will continue and we will find out what happend.

UPDATE Februari 2020:
At this moment I am rewriting the Ottre story!
With all the documents, conversations, etc, I am writing the whole story down. The story will be published on my other website:
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On behalf of Team Ottré