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The next generation

Lest We Forget: preserve history

One of the purposes of this site, is that the next generations won´t forget the story´s of the battle of the bulge.

Often I speak about the battle of Grandmenil with guests of our bed and breakfast Bo Temps. For them it is unthinkable that in this beautiful environment once a fierce battle was fought.
I also organize battle tours to show guest what happend in this area.

On august 10th, some children were visiting Bo temps with their parents. These five kids wanted to search for shrapnel in the area and asked a lot of questions about the war.
The same day we visited a spot in the hills around Grandmenil and searched for war-things. Within an hour, the kids not only found huge pieces of shrapnel, they also heard the story’s of Grandmenil.

The things these kids found, may not be interesting for experts. Bu these kids were proud about what they found and the history that lay behind it. The shrapnel was transported to the Netherlands, were shown at school. This way, the storys of the battle will not be forgotten and will be spread.
Lest we forget!