Running Projects

What are we doing right now?

What are we doing?StartHow do we do it?AreaStatus
The Ottré Massacremai 2009 (!)Lots of research! We keep finding new (small) clues. Longest running research!OttréOngoing! Enddate unknown
The Pol Servais Story!february 2012Environment research + civilian interviewRahierPublished in march 3 2017
Crashsite research (B17 or B24)Mai 2013Metaldetecting: we found loads of small pieces. Lots of communciation with England and the US about this. Goal: erecting a monument for the fallen plane crew.GrandmenilMysterie solved! Next step: monument and last excavating. Project will be finished end of 2018
Civilian StoriesFebruary 2016We got a lot of civilian testomonies from mme Annick Henrotte, librarian of the Manhay community, and Tom Konings will translate them!ManhayLong term project
The exploded Demag-D7 Sd.Kfz.10february 2016Reconstructing vehicle parts, that we found in the Manhay areaManhay areaOngoing. Short term project
The Birds Housefebruary 2016About the Belgian resistance: Research, translation and metaldetecting on the spot.Manhay areaOngoing
The Ethics of Metaldetectingjanuary 2013Story about the wrong side of metaldetecting and graverobbery. (interviews + collecting information)ArdennesBob is collecting information and is going to write later.
The story of Bob Anderson, 551st PIB relativeMai 2012Bob Anderson wrote the story.inapplicablePublished on may 9 2014
The story of Earl Naumannjanuary 2012Researching official documents.
We have completed the field research
Trou de LoupPublished on march 18th 2015
the story of Robert Meyersfebruary 2012Field + documentation research, civilian interviews. Very hard to find good information.SadzotPublished on april 18th, 2015
75th infantry division, 275th engineers, Commanster area