Replacing the Panther of Grandmenil

With the opening of the MHM44 museum in septemebr 2018 in our little town, plans were made to replace the panther of Grandmenil. On this page we will place updates about these plans!

November 2019:
TV Lux comes with a video, explaining that the plan is getting better and bigger. The Grandmenil Panther tank might be going to be restored by the Bastogne Barracks.
Which, in fact, is excellent news!
You can see the video HERE

October 2019
A short article appeared in the L’Avenir newspaper on october 1 and 2, stating that “the German tank of Grandmenil will be replaced in the area of the museum. A plan was presented last monday.
The plan is the replace it and cover it under a roof, so it will be protected against the weather conditions. They did not spoke yet about replacing the missing parts of the tank, wich is very valuable…..
Beneath is the plan: