Here are some interesting links:
First, go here: our bed and breakfast, in Grandmenil, the center of the battelfields.
The battle Tours section:

Section A: Museums
– Baugnez:
– Bulge Relics museum, Joubieval:
– Musée de la Batailles des Ardennes:
– Bastogne Historical Center:
– I was 20 in 45:
– 101 airborne museum le Mess – Bastogne:
– Bastogne 44: (New museum)
– Remember museum Henri Chapelle:

Section B: Interesting sites
– The Battle of the Bulge:
– Joe Cicchinelli:
– Jay Puckett’s 75th Infantry Division website:
– Vic Damons 3rd armored division website:
– Jan Ploeg’s 36th AD website:
– The guys who bring back MIA soldiers, with Jean Louis Seel:
– Yuri Beckers 9th Infantry Divion website:

– The 517th PIR:
– The 551st PIB:
– Pieter Jutte’s World War 2 website:
– The Battle of the Bulge:
– The 106th infantry website by Carl wouters:
– The 83rd Thunderbolt division, by Kevin Harris:
– Tom Peeters The Battle at Best
– Ben Savelkouls website:
– The Para Research Team:
– Thijs Hodiamonts 83rd Infantry Division Documents:
-The 7th Armored Division:
– The US Airborne:
– The WW2 connection:
– Through their eyes:
– 504th Parachute infantry regiment:
– 506th PIR:
– Battle Detective, website by Tim Tommermans:
– Eric Bijtelaars 99th ID:
– Another great website from Tom Peeters: (Market Garden)
– Ed Tiebax page about adopted soldiers:
– Vintage roadsigns, handmade by Mick Miller from England:
– Silvano Theunissen’s website of the 26th ID:

Section C: Tourcollegues
Reg Jans
Frank Gubbels:
Roby Clam
David Martin
Joey van Meesen


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