Seizing Grandmenil

Grandmenil is a small village with approximately 300 hundred inhabitants.
The village is situated about a kilometre distance of Manhay.
Well known places like Durbuy, Laroche en Ardenne and Hotton are just a stone’s throw away. There are no shops, there is a school however with approximately 60 students and off course we’ve got that beautifull church.

Grandmenil, Grand rue

Life there is quiet and nature here is still impressively present. The wooded hills, babbling brooks and the wildlife make you forget about the history of this area.
However: A good observer will find many traces of the bloody battle that took place here.

Late december 1944 the Americans fought the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge.
Many books has been written about Bastogne, La Gleize and other places where the battles were at their fiercest.
Little is known about Grandmenil.
However: A memorable battle was fought here.
A battle that would mean a turningpoint for the German forces.

In my opinion Grandmenil has all rights to get his place in history, so we’ll never forget the battle fought here. Here you can read about Trou de Loup ( Wolf Gap),The story of Frank Maresca and the battle for Grandmenil itself.
Read the stories of the veterans recalling what they have seen and what they have been through, men like Robert Kaufmann, Paul Frohmader, Robert F. Shine, Ted Breeden and all those others whom fought for freedom.