Frohmaders card.

In June 1945 Paul Frohmader send a card Grandmenil to his parents.
On the card he explained what had happened during the last week of 1944.

Paul Frohmaders card:
Most of the opposition from the Germans came from the right side of Grandmenil.
Here Frohmader and his men left behind their stuff. While they were there, they oversaw the situation. On our leftflank was a hill where German machine guns were. The American artillery fired on the hills beyond the village and there were explosions seen.
On the right side of the road was a road to the right.
(Rue de la Statte. BK)

Frohmader continues with his group, after leaving his belongings, to the right and climb over a fence, just before the cows on the map.
The machine gun nest, together with those in the house, had put down the whole platoon for almost the entire night. Eventually there was a large part of the platoon on the left side of the white building with two windows (4). The building was a ruin. The machine guns were in the building on the right side of the white house. The group was pinned down.
In the churchtower was a machine gun. (Note: Kauffman says that there sat a sniper)
Here was a machine gun.
4. X to the white house (4): If the wall had fallen, Company K would be killed.