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    The story of Bob Anderson

    Introduction: Marco and I have been working on some storys about the 551st Parachute Infantry Batallion.. The 551st PIB has a special place in our heart. Their heroic actions almost has been forgotten. together with some locals in the Ardennes,…

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    Finding Richard Wiegand

    On this website, I have described the story about Richard Wiegand: the 75th Infantry division soldier who stopped the German advance in Trou de Loup. After publishing the story, I was wondering who this man was. We knew the story,…

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    The next generation

    Lest We Forget: preserve history One of the purposes of this site, is that the next generations won´t forget the story´s of the battle of the bulge. Often I speak about the battle of Grandmenil with guests of our bed…