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Meeting vets of the 517th PIR

Eddy Monfort informed me after Kauffmans visit, that Manhay would be visited in august 2009 by veterans of the 517th parachute infantry regiment. The 517th fought from december 26th on december 27th in and around Manhay.

On sunday, august 9th, Ben Barrett, Ludlow Gibbons and Gene Frice came, with their familys,to Manhay for a short ceremony.
The men told some stories about Sospel and Manhay. Signed books, photoalbums and maps were shown. Relatives told me that they where in Europa for over a week now, visiting the places where their fathers fought.

In the townhall of Manhay was a short ceremonie, held by the deputy mayor, who honoured the veterans in his best English. After exchanging some gifts, the veterans drove to the monument in Manhay by American jeep. Here, there was a moment of silence for the fallen.

Gene Frice told me, that he still had his original jacket. He left it in the hotel, but would pick it up later tha day. Because we were very busy with our bed and breakfast, I did not see his jacket, unfortunately…

To Frice I made a promise, that I would make a story about the 517th on this website. A promise I will fulfill.

Ludlow Gibbons, Ben Barrett and Gene Frice
517th parachute infantry regiment
With an American jeep to the monument in Manhay








With deputy mayor Pascal Daulne in Manhay










Ben Barrett passed away on februari 26, 2010. May he rest in peace
Ludlow Gibbons passed away in december 2011. May he rest in peace