The battle of Grandmenil

Welcome to the Battle of Grandmenil website.
This website is dedicated to the men who fought in the area of Grandmenil during the war of 1940-1945, with a main focus on the Battle of the Bulge (16 december-25 januari 1945).
Not only stories of Grandmenil can be found here, but also stories from surrounding villages.
I do realise the website is not mobile friendly. I will change that as fast as possible. (October 2022)

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This website was created in 2009. In December 10, 2013 we have reconstructed the Grandmenil website completly. In june 2019 we had to change the format. It’s working better, it’s looking better and we have more stories coming up!

samree battle of the bulgeIn 2008, I started my research fot the Battle of Grandmenil. 
The stories of veterans and civilians gives a good view about what happend here, in Grandmenil.
In 2009 I launched the website and I thought it was the end of a long period of research and puzzeling. At that time I did not realize that it was only the beginning of a quest, that would never end.
The Battle of the Bulge is still very tangible, not just literally, but you feel it when you talk with the older residents. On one hand, they are willing to tell, on the other hand they find it very difficult. They have lost family, they saw how their houses were destroyed, they were close to the hell of it.
I hope you enjoy this website.

Bob Konings

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