Battle of the Bulge events 2018-2019

The Battle of the Bulge events 2018-2019 is available now!
Below you can find the events for the 74th Battle of the Bulge commemorations:
Just click on the link to find out where the events are.

The biggest event: Ardennes History Remember in the Grandmenil/Manhay sector
When: 14, 15, 16 december 2018. 
What: Over 200 reenactors, 200 vehicules, military faire, camps and battles!
Where: Most of it wil take place in Grandmenil. On saturday evening a ball + diner will be held in Manhay. (location: click here)
Entree: FREE.

Also this year, the fantastic event in “The NUTS Baracks”!
When: 15 and 16th december 2018
What: museum will be open for public the whole weekend. And of course, soem of the tanks will be driving around!
Where: Rue de La-Roche 40, 6600 Bastogne, 6600 Bastenaken
Entree: FREE

Bastogne Historical Walk
When: 15th december 2018
What: Historical march
Where: see welbink
Entree: see weblink

Historical walk for the 75thID and inauguration of the monument for the B-24 KIng Size/ 42-50612
When: 29th december 2018
What: historical march and inauguration of a monument
Where: La Fosse (exact location here)
Entree: FREE
Full information abopu the B-24 is available here.

Historical Walk Dedicated to the men of the 551st Parachute Infatry Batalion 
When: 5th january 2019
What: historical walk
Where: Startingpoint here
Entree: unknown yet

Historical walk Neufchateau
When: february 9th 2019
What: historical walk
Where: Neufchateau (exact location: see facebookpage)
More information on the facebookpage

Historical Walk, dedicated to the 17th Airborne Division.
When: Sunday 17th March 2019.
What: Historical March
Where: Starts at Givry
More information available via the facebookpage.